Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Go with your instinct

That's something I learned this past week.

So I had to go to the gyno last week, and made the mistake of randomly picking out one from my insurance directory. One, when I walked in the building smelled really bad. I had to hold my nose, but I thought it was just cuz there was construction going on outside. Two, when I got to the office (it was one of those office buildings with the suites rented out) it just didn't seem very clean. Not that it was dirty, but you know when you go to a doctor's office, you expect it to be immaculate, right? Three, the workers at the front desk (receptionists?) were very unprofessional. They screamed across the office unnecessarily (as I was filling out the forms "are you married?" they would scream across so they could start entering my information into the computer rather than actually wait for me to fill out the form) and one girl kept sighing loudly at the nuisance of have people there for her to help. By the way, I was also asked if I was a particular religion, I've never been asked that at a doc's office before, and thought it was strange.

So that was three things that made me kind of skeptical of the place.

Then I go see the doc. She was very nice, professional, smelled nice too. I had a urine sample taken, and when I talk to the doctor i tell her I think I might have a UTI because I had been urinating very frequently. She gives me a prescription, does the normal invasion, and as I'm leaving I hear one of the receptionists saying to the other "no I'm serious I threw one out," while she's holding a few urine samples. mmm, hmmm.. as I make a mental note to myself that I'm never coming back here.

A few days later one of the receptionists calls me at home and says my urine test came back negative. I say okay, then i shouldn't be taking this medication anymore then. She says no, wait, hang on, comes back and says "no, you should keep taking it." "well, is it making you feel better?" she asks, I say no, because I'm still peeing a lot. And she says hang on again, presumable going to talk to the doctor to ask her and comes back and says "yes, just finish the perscription anyway." So I do. I'm thinking they must have lost my urine, tossed a coin, and called me and said "your urine came back negative" and then just bsed saying, uh, yeah keep taking that medicine. . .

A couple days after I finish the medication I wake up with my stomach feeling like a mean little person is inside squeezing. I get up to use the bathroom and have massive diarrhea (I know, too much information) and vomit simultaneously. I call in to work sick, call my regular doctor (unfortunately he doesn't do pap smears, so that's why I went to this other doc, but I really like him, my regular doctor I've been seeing) and then I go lay down for a little bit more before I have to go in for my doctor appt. I was able to schedule.

As I get up to go back to the bathroom, I literally collapse on the couch, unable to walk. I get up and make it to another eventful trip to the bathroom, and come back and THANK GOODNESS my husband was working late that day, I walk as fast as I can, I'm blacking out, and I end up feeling my way around the wall and I remember banging my hip against the bedroom wall trying to keep my balance cuz I just wanted to see if he could drive me. he wakes up, sees me and says "what's wrong?!!" "I CAN'T see!" I whimpered! and he jolts out of bed, I collapse, he catches me, drags me back to the bathroom where I *&#*&# again.

So he calls in to work too, takes me to our doctor, and after several questions about what I ate (nothing unusual, same thing as mi amor, and he wasn't sick), he asks if I have been on any antibiotics recently. I tell him about my experience and mention I thought it was strange that even though it came back negative, I still was put on antibiotics. he said sometimes doctors will do that but the risk is that THIS COULD HAPPEN! My body flushed out everything, and I was weak due to the loss of liquid. So I had to take several icky meds to just get my body back to normal, which took several days.

What a horrible experience. And now I've shared it with you!

I should have gone with my gut instinct.


Blogger sirena said...

Im sooo sorry. I found your blog through the random feature. I cant believe this entry. That sounds so terrible. Thanks for sharing and giving us the warning.

9:12 PM  
Blogger friday said...

but the way you wrote this story made it sound really great....i know that is wrong to say but damn it, you are a good writer...very descriptive...hope you are feeling better...

7:41 PM  
Anonymous st_jimbo said...

What are you talking about? We have the best health care system in the world.

Oh, wait. I'm on record as saying our health care system is third world.

Please disregard that first sentence.

9:34 AM  
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