Thursday, October 27, 2005

You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 10/10 correct!
Thanks Mel, for leading me to this neat site. And what is it with MySpace, geez everyone has one now.
And thanks for anyone who was concerned about me, but everything is okay here. It's pretty chaotic, the power is out for most of the county (but not us, we got lucky and were only out a couple days) and most stores are closed, most traffic lights are out, so these crazy drivers are even more scary. So it's been a lot of peanut butter sandwiches (PBJ, PB & banana, PB & marshmallow, gott love that PB) and last night was the first time we could use our stove for a few days, so I made some ramen. I threw out the chicken flavor crap and spiced it myself and added tuna, it was a great meal. The stores unfortunately are not open very long so we can't get more food just yet, but we've still got a couple days more at least.
And I am so grateful to work for such a great company. Of course they expect us to be at work, so 1) they gave us free(hot!) meals for the first 2 days after the hurricane, 2) they pay us more than double time for being there in the "time of crisis"3) provide us with gas if we are low, do I need to say more, I love this company.
Also, I think we were pretty prepared-we stocked up on water and nonperishable food, filled up the bathtub which we needed to flush the toilet when the water was out. I'm really surprised that the day after the hurricane, there were lines for hours to get water and food, so many people just didn't prepare at all. And gas! Oh my, I live next to a gas station, and it is one of few to have power back and therefore be able to pump gas, so the line has been down the street (literally!) and people have been honking and yelling at each other.
And it kind of makes me mad how many people have been complaining about not getting enough aid, and the audacity to compare this to Katrina? This is nothing compared to that. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of trees down, several deaths, lots of homes were damaged, but you know, have some respect for the people who really went through hell. Not being able to take a hot shower is not the same as wading through a bath tub of death.
So yes, I am very lucky, I know it sucks to take a cold shower and have to sit in the dark, but it could always be worse. We are just so spoiled in this country.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok 1> you should move here. we never have hurricanes!!
2>you should join myspace so i can have your cool picture on my page
and number three.!!!! i miss you man. going shopping with mike is really startin to get annoying. damn dem husbands. but seriosuly. join myspace. its free!!! and its cool. werrd

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