Sunday, September 11, 2005

Writer's block

So I've been asked to write something that I would be perfect for, and although it's on a subject I am, dare I say expert, or okay maybe just a little obsessed - I have a huge case of writers block and I need to get this done by tomorrow night! Grrrrr. So since I don't have to be anywhere tomorrow until 2 in the afternoon, I'm on a mission tonight. I must write at least a rough draft before I go to sleep. But I'm stuck. I've been reading through lots of things tonight for inspiration. like old term papers, old blog entries, bios on the person I'm writing on, and yet here I am. How do I start, how can I put this into eloquent words? Any ideas? Great, now I might go surfing for cures to writer's block. Procrastination at its best. I better get back to work staring at my computer screen.


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