Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Maybe bras aren't so bad!

Ladies, I encourage you to go here and here to determine if you are wearing the wrong bra size. Who knew all these years I was squeezing into the wrong size!? So bras aren't supposed to leave red marks around the edges of my breasts, the straps aren't supposed to fall down, NOW I see! I went yesterday and bought new bras, and donated all my old ones (good thing there was the memorial day sale) I was so psyched today to not have to be constantly adjusting my bra. Yippppeeee! The girls are free! NO MORE RED MARKS, NO MORE NIPPLE POPPING!

Speaking of boobs, you know, as much as this is probably said, we should all really appreciate what we have and stop picking our bodies apart. Myself included. When I was younger and thinner, I had the biggest issue with being "flat chested." I remember trying on bathing suits, and with my (then) 105 lb. frame, I wasn't worried about my stomach, thighs, or anything. All I cared about were my boobs and what suit they looked biggest in. Now, 15 lbs and a cup size or two later, I'm not concerned with my boobs (since along with my thighs, and tummy getting bigger, so did my boobs) but now I am very self conscious about my thighs and waist. I'll never be happy, when I had thin thighs and a flat stomach I didn't even notice, I was too obsessed with how flat I was.

And I know that there's so much more important things to worry about, and so much more to a person than what we look like. But yet I still shamefully worry about my body. Well, I won't get into this right now.

BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE, LADIES, WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!!!! And if you are uncomfortable with your bras, I highly encourage you to get the right size


Blogger friday said...

sometimes, yes sometimes, the "right" size is none at all...ah, it is sometimes great to be a flat-chested lady...and speaking of nipples...haven't we had this conversation before ice...ah yes. yes we have.

11:47 PM  
Blogger julia said...

oh... i hate bra shopping (38DD pbbbth) i know i should love what i've got but they drive me a little bonkers - and there is no point trying to get a nice looking bathing suit.

thanks for the links. i made the grandmother-esque woman at the bay 'size' me the other day. very prompt, very quick, and very accurate. but it's always strange having someone measure from your nipple to your ribcage.

10:57 AM  

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