Saturday, May 28, 2005

Dreams are just so much better

I had one of the best dreams last night. My dreams are always so interesting. And they keep getting more and more complex. I don't think I could even explain it here so that anyone could understand. I tried describing it earlier (verbally) and couldn't accurately describe the beauty. Long story short, it had to do with the soul escaping the body and therefore gaining the ability to control your perception of your surroundings. You could make mundane things spectacular, but there was a catch-the more great things you saw, then every once in a while you would see something horrendous.

I always love dreams where I can "escape" I've noticed.

But anyway, isn't sleep grand? Well, I think so, it's like escaping to a whole new world for me.

I finally got to see Amelie! It's such a great movie-if you haven't seen it yet RUN to go get it, or better yet, just buy a copy-and one for me too while you're at it.

As for my "real" life-pretty boring I guess on that end. My b-day came and went. We went to a seafood restaurant that had a nice view. We'd never been there before, just wanted to try something new. I ordered the sauteed shrimp, it was so gross. I thought sauteed shrimp would be like grilled shrimp, but no. It tasted like pure fat-or at least what I would imagine pure fat to taste like. I tried drowning it in lemon, but it was of no help. What a shame, BUT I did have a strawberry cake waiting for me at home! I should have gotten candles. I haven't had a birthday cake since I turned 15-whoa that was 10 years ago! Quarter of a century old-that's me.

Thanks again for not being mad at me for not making your wedding Mel!


Blogger friday said...

but you have had a sad-face strawberry-going-away-cake made for you...doesn't that count for something?!

1:59 AM  
Blogger acakai said...

Of course it counts! I loved the strawberry-going-away-cake so much that I took a picture, remember? And the picture is now hanging up beside my desk as a reminder!

9:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you never saw amelie before???? see, if you lived here, we could watch it like everyday with a bowl of ice cream/ ahh.. the good life:) of course iam not mad. but its still yer turn to visit *wink wink.

10:09 AM  
Blogger sylence said...

happy belated, ice! and don't stop dreamin! (this concludes the part of the program entitled: encouragement of sylence)

4:53 PM  

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