Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Been lethargic

So I've never lived alone-with the exception of the one summer I was an ensurer of hygenic guest services (yeah, I cleaned rooms one summer in college, in exchange for free room and board plus a higher than campus job wage...why do I always feel like I have to defend this?) Okay, I was a maid, a janitor, a room-cleaner. But that's beside the point.

After I left my parents house at the tender age of 18, I lived in dorms, with roommates. Then I moved in with my now husband. So last week when he was out of town, was very strange. I couldn't sleep, it's not that I was incredibly scared or lonely or worried, I think I'm just not used to sleeping alone. Living alone. So I was very tired all last week, and slept virtually all weekend (such a good night's sleep his first night back!) By the way, where did he go? Well, back to the republic, right here we came from just a couple months ago. Lucky bastard got to eat good Mexican food AND see his friends! One of my acquaintances here said she could completely relate-that she lived alone for about a year and pretty much didn't sleep during that time-she remembered being tired until she moved in with someone else. "Why are you always wanting to sleep?" he would ask her.

I don't think I went more than one day in the past week without some form of coffee. I must say, it has been giving me a nice boost! And I saw on Oprah that it's good for your bowel movements (they should be shaped like an "S" or a banana, by the way...small pebbles are NOT good...)

I have no idea what the point of this is. More power to those of you who can live alone! And keep your poop in check!


Blogger sylence said...

thank you, ice, for the wonderful information. living alone...sigh. it has it's ups and downs. but, you get used to not having anyone around. when i visit my family, i am so overwhelmed with people surrounding me that i end up breaking down. and it's not very pretty. i find myself always trying to get away and my family ends up taking it personally. hard to explain to those who have never been alone--like almost every member of my family. glad your hubby's back. i feel saddened that he didn't make his presence known. :( jerk.

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