Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Maybe bras aren't so bad!

Ladies, I encourage you to go here and here to determine if you are wearing the wrong bra size. Who knew all these years I was squeezing into the wrong size!? So bras aren't supposed to leave red marks around the edges of my breasts, the straps aren't supposed to fall down, NOW I see! I went yesterday and bought new bras, and donated all my old ones (good thing there was the memorial day sale) I was so psyched today to not have to be constantly adjusting my bra. Yippppeeee! The girls are free! NO MORE RED MARKS, NO MORE NIPPLE POPPING!

Speaking of boobs, you know, as much as this is probably said, we should all really appreciate what we have and stop picking our bodies apart. Myself included. When I was younger and thinner, I had the biggest issue with being "flat chested." I remember trying on bathing suits, and with my (then) 105 lb. frame, I wasn't worried about my stomach, thighs, or anything. All I cared about were my boobs and what suit they looked biggest in. Now, 15 lbs and a cup size or two later, I'm not concerned with my boobs (since along with my thighs, and tummy getting bigger, so did my boobs) but now I am very self conscious about my thighs and waist. I'll never be happy, when I had thin thighs and a flat stomach I didn't even notice, I was too obsessed with how flat I was.

And I know that there's so much more important things to worry about, and so much more to a person than what we look like. But yet I still shamefully worry about my body. Well, I won't get into this right now.

BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE, LADIES, WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!!!! And if you are uncomfortable with your bras, I highly encourage you to get the right size

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Dreams are just so much better

I had one of the best dreams last night. My dreams are always so interesting. And they keep getting more and more complex. I don't think I could even explain it here so that anyone could understand. I tried describing it earlier (verbally) and couldn't accurately describe the beauty. Long story short, it had to do with the soul escaping the body and therefore gaining the ability to control your perception of your surroundings. You could make mundane things spectacular, but there was a catch-the more great things you saw, then every once in a while you would see something horrendous.

I always love dreams where I can "escape" I've noticed.

But anyway, isn't sleep grand? Well, I think so, it's like escaping to a whole new world for me.

I finally got to see Amelie! It's such a great movie-if you haven't seen it yet RUN to go get it, or better yet, just buy a copy-and one for me too while you're at it.

As for my "real" life-pretty boring I guess on that end. My b-day came and went. We went to a seafood restaurant that had a nice view. We'd never been there before, just wanted to try something new. I ordered the sauteed shrimp, it was so gross. I thought sauteed shrimp would be like grilled shrimp, but no. It tasted like pure fat-or at least what I would imagine pure fat to taste like. I tried drowning it in lemon, but it was of no help. What a shame, BUT I did have a strawberry cake waiting for me at home! I should have gotten candles. I haven't had a birthday cake since I turned 15-whoa that was 10 years ago! Quarter of a century old-that's me.

Thanks again for not being mad at me for not making your wedding Mel!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Been lethargic

So I've never lived alone-with the exception of the one summer I was an ensurer of hygenic guest services (yeah, I cleaned rooms one summer in college, in exchange for free room and board plus a higher than campus job wage...why do I always feel like I have to defend this?) Okay, I was a maid, a janitor, a room-cleaner. But that's beside the point.

After I left my parents house at the tender age of 18, I lived in dorms, with roommates. Then I moved in with my now husband. So last week when he was out of town, was very strange. I couldn't sleep, it's not that I was incredibly scared or lonely or worried, I think I'm just not used to sleeping alone. Living alone. So I was very tired all last week, and slept virtually all weekend (such a good night's sleep his first night back!) By the way, where did he go? Well, back to the republic, right here we came from just a couple months ago. Lucky bastard got to eat good Mexican food AND see his friends! One of my acquaintances here said she could completely relate-that she lived alone for about a year and pretty much didn't sleep during that time-she remembered being tired until she moved in with someone else. "Why are you always wanting to sleep?" he would ask her.

I don't think I went more than one day in the past week without some form of coffee. I must say, it has been giving me a nice boost! And I saw on Oprah that it's good for your bowel movements (they should be shaped like an "S" or a banana, by the way...small pebbles are NOT good...)

I have no idea what the point of this is. More power to those of you who can live alone! And keep your poop in check!