Wednesday, April 13, 2005

"Finally, a way to stop those troublesome smart liberals"

I loved this column in today's issue of the Palm Beach Post. It's very well written, and funny, one that I would just love to cut out and hang up somewhere, but instead I'll post it here.

(a little background, in FL there's a bill that's trying to get passed to try and stop professors from discussing contraversial issues in class because their liberal beliefs could influence the students)


Blogger friday said...

pure genius...thanks for this...i am printing it out and passing it out to all my professors...well, only the liberal ones, oh wait, that would be all of them...darn...even texas isn't a safe place to get a decent conservative higher education...*friday skips tha hallways giggling all the way*...

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

on the bottom of that link is it makes my heart beat a lil better knowing not all christians are evil dictator nazis out to make money by god ruin our constitution. being in the military/bible belt town make sit hard to see that. intellect wars are everywhere. a judge in ny was warned after comparing bush to mussolini cos appearently judges arent suppose to be involved with politics. good things for checks and balances eh. heres the link. "Authoritarian government required to speak, is silent...Representative government required to speak, LIES with impunity". -- Napoleon Bonaparte

1:13 PM  

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