Saturday, March 12, 2005

One problem-HELP!

So I'm here. I think the new job is going good, I was pretty nervous considering: 1.) Things are much different here in terms of pace, competition, etc. and 2.) the guy who was hired before me was let go because he couldn't keep up But I think I'll be okay.

The area is alright, I haven't had much time to explore yet (today is my first day off, but I have to wait around for the TV satelite to be installed this afternoon). Okay, here's the problem: We have ants and roaches in our apartment.

Now call me crazy, but for as much as we're paying for this place, we really shouldn't have this problem. But apparently it's "normal" down here. If you didn't know this already: I HATE ROACHES. They are so disgusting to me, that I can't even stand to just kill the ones that I see. Fear, disgust, all of the above: bottom line: I can't live in harmony with these guys. The ants I can somewhat tolerate, roaches make me avoid the kitchen. So does anyone know of a great way to rid or at least deter these things? We had the pest control people come (the one provided by the complex) but I'm thinking a more natural way would be better. Like 1.) get some hungry banana spiders in here to eat them up (yes, I would prefer to have spiders than roaches) or 2.) a good bait with boric acid or 3.) one of those "high tech" electronic systems that basically scares them away and they just don't come near the area.

Any ideas, suggestions? I've been looking online at all the different options and now I'm just itchy and grossed out and feel like I have bugs all over me, because for some reason they all provide these pictures of the pests (I don't want to see that! If I did, I'd go in my kitchen cabinets!)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know.. if you are renting... you can demand to get those pests out. in virginia youcan call the housing authority. see whats local there.

6:47 PM  
Blogger friday said...

i bet maverick is having a fantastic time with the with real moving parts! glad you made it there go show 'em what a real librarian looks like...

10:02 AM  

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