Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I have a stalker

I've had recurring dreams about a stalker. Of course, like all my dreams, it is much more complicated than that. The stalker is based on a real person, who was kinda close to a stalker I guess(a guy from high school who I went out with a few times, he then went back with his ex, yet called me several times a day and hung up, or whispered things like "don't hang up..." etc. etc.)

Anyway, he is the stalker in the dream. The other day I dreamt of him being really big and muscular and I was scared. I then became friends with this other big guy, who kept saying he would take care of the stalker for me. I kept telling him no, he would just get hurt, and then he did go and try to "take care of him." Well, my friend got tore up, the stalker literally threw him around while I watched from a distance yelling "NNOOOO!" and then when he was through, the stalker brought my friend over by carrying his limp body over his shoulder and placed him on the chair in front of me and said "here's your hero."

Then last night, the stalker kept saying how great he looked since he was so muscular, and that's why he's trying to "win me over." I remember I was going to walk my dog (and we were going down this familiar path I've been to in many previous dreams) but I was scared he was going to hurt my dog. And I was tired of being afraid, so I decided to go myself. So I walked down the path alone, and unafraid.

My dreams are so complicated now. I'm so past the normal dream books with just symbols, I need some deep analysis here. I'm working on it.


Blogger sylence said...

ah, dreams...inconsisent angel things...horses bred with starlaced wings...but it's so hard to make them fly...fly...fly...
whoops, sorry--got carried away. i was about to say that you have finally figured me out, but beating up some macho muscle guy to get to the object of my reason for stalking isn't my style. i just plan to lure you away with my incredible fashion sense (haha) and quirkiness. sigh.
dreams are freaky. where do they come from? ah, the subconcious truly has its own logic--hmm, that sounds awfully familiar...

7:30 AM  

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