Friday, November 26, 2004

Rollin' with the homies

This one's for Friday. Roller derby is seen as a feminist movement now, with after all the sexy women being strong and passionate at the same time. Did you ever decide on a name, friday? How about belleza? Or amante? Or S.A.B. (strong and beautiful) wait, maybe that sounds too much like a deodorant commercial.


Blogger friday said...

i am still narrowing mt name down...and still taking bring 'em...but really, ice, thanks for the post...i have to admit there are times when i wonder if i am doing what a proper feminist should do...but then i think of what you said, about feminism being about making your own choices...and after reading yet another fine article, i think i can be a stellar feminist rollergirl...and hopefully i can have all my fine feminist friends cheering for me on the sidelines! you ice, you friggin' rawk.

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