Monday, November 29, 2004

His spirit lives

So, I caught the end of the 20/20 episode on Matthew Shepard's murder. The muderers are now saying that it was not a hate crime, and that his being gay had nothing to do with them killing him. WTF?

As much as Matthew Shepard's spirit has done for our community-his tragedy turned into an educational commemoration. Kids and adults alike learned of his story and its message that hatred is wrong. Now, these murderers want to take that away too?

First of all, the story they now say sounds just as homophobic. They said that Matthew Shepard gave them drugs and then wanted sex in return. Myth #1 among homophobics: gay people are attracted to every person of the same sex-so watch out they are after you! This whole, he wanted sex thing just sounds a little far fetched to me, but I know I wasn't there. Then they said when Matthew Shepard touched one of their legs, they attacked him. (But it was because of the drugs, not anything to do with his being gay!) Rule #1 among homophobics: if any one of them touches you, kick their ass!

Second, they said that they made up the whole story about killing him because he was gay and hit on them because they thought it would be a good defense. In other words, they thought it would be more acceptable to kill a gay man because he was gay, then to kill him for money/drugs. Homophobia, again!

I think at this point it doesn't matter. I'm sure there are thousands of gays and lesbians out there who are victims/survivors of hatred. It's not like Matthew Shepard was the first person in history to be murdered based on his sexuality.

What matters is this: his story became a nationwide story to teach others about hatred. The details can be manipulated all they want, because unfortunately, the only people that know what happened are well, uh murderers. They can say all they want, it doesn't matter. He wasn't the first nor the last. They murdered his body, but they can't murder his spirit too.

Matthew Shepard, you will always live on in my heart, because I know your story speaks for thousands of others.


Blogger biggaysam said...

I was infuriated by the broadcast. I couldn't believe the crap Vargas was spewing. This is the 20/20 internet forum:

You'll be shocked and inspired by the people posting on there.

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